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Security Training

We are conducting FREE Security Training series on Reverse Engineering/Malware Analysis/Exploit Development over multiple sessions.

 Reverse Engineering & Malware Analysis Training   Completed
This is our first free Training session focused on teaching basics of Reverse engineering and Malware analysis. It starts with guide on lab setup, learning Windows internals/PE formats/assembly and then moves on to practical malware analysis sessions.

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 Advanced Malware Analysis Training   NEW
This is our second and latest free training series focusing on advanced aspects of malware analysis including Rootkits, Botnets, Sandbox Analysis, Mobile Malwares etc.

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 Trainer Profiles
  Amit Malik
Amit Malik has a rich experience of about 4 years in the security domain with expertise in exploit and malware analysis. He has presented many novel techniques such as 'Botnet Detection using Machine Learning', 'Shell Code Detection' etc and developed many open source tools like Exescan, Zexplo, Injector. Recently he has also filed a patent on "Generic Detection of Malicious Websites".

In the past he has delivered various security training sessions for Govt as well as non-Govt organizations. He had also worked as technical advisor for Govt Investigative & Defense agencies. Currently he is working as a Security Researcher at McAfee Labs.
  Harsimran Walia
Harsimran, an IIT Delhi alumni, is a Independent Security Researcher and passionate about computer security with specialization is in the field of Offensive Security. He is author of various technical blogs and research papers.

In the past he has delivered training sessions on Fuzzing, Malware Analysis, Offensive Metasploit, Exploit development et. al. Recently he has presented at "NullCon 2011" on the topic "Reversing Microsoft Patches to reveal Vulnerable Code". Currently he works as Research Scientist at McAfee Labs.
  Monnappa K A
Monnappa has rich experience of about 5 years in the security domain with core expertise in exploit development and malware analysis.Currently he is working at Cisco Systems as Information Security Investigator. Recently he has delivered special session on 'Malware PDF Analysis'.

Apart from doing Malware Analysis and writing tools in spare time, he has also discovered vulnerabilities and written exploits in popular Windows softwares.
  Nagareshwar Talekar
Nagareshwar is a independent Security Researcher and founder of SecurityXploded. He has around 10 years of security expertise in Reverse Engineering, Malware Analysis, System Security, Virtualization and Software Development. He has published numerous research articles and developed more than 100 security softwares.

He is an invited speaker for various universities and has delivered the presentation/hands-on session on various topics including 'Vista Security', 'Password Forensics', 'Application Virtualization', 'Detecting & Defending against Security Vulnerabilities' etc.
  Swapnil Pathak
Swapnil has experience of around 5 years in Security domain. He started his career at Symantec where he was involved in Classification and writing Detection routines for latest Malware families.

He has earlier worked at McAfee as Research Engineer. Here his work involves analyzing and researching network aware Malwares and design various heuristics/routines to detect them.
University Partners
Our Reversing & Malware Analysis training is helping following universities in their academic course

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