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New Softwares
WhatsApp Blocker
WhatsApp Blocker v1.0
Instagram Blocker
Instagram Blocker v1.0
Safari History Spy
Safari History Spy v1.0
Spotify Ad Remover
Spotify Ad Remover v1.0
Opera History Viewer
Opera History Viewer v1.0
FTP Password Recovery
FTP Password Recovery v1.0
Router Password Recovery
Router Password Recovery v1.0
Firefox History Spy
Firefox History Spy v1.0
Edge Password Manager
Edge Password Manager v2.0
Windows Spy Keylogger
Windows Spy Keylogger v2.0
Pinterest Blocker
Pinterest Blocker v2.0
Chrome Download Unblocker
Chrome Download Unblocker v4.0
Firefox Download Unblocker
Firefox Download Unblocker v4.0
Chrome History Manager
Chrome History Manager v3.0
UC Password Recovery
UC Password Recovery v2.0
uTorrent AD Remover
uTorrent AD Remover v2.0
Chrome Autofill Viewer
Chrome Autofill Viewer v2.0
Download Manager Password Recovery
Download Manager Password Recovery v2.0
Firefox Autocomplete Spy
Firefox Autocomplete Spy v2.0
Skype Password Recovery
Skype Password Recovery v3.0
The Bat! Password Decoder
The Bat! Password Decoder v1.0
Skype Ad Remover
Skype Ad Remover v2.0
Torch Password Recovery
Torch Password Recovery v2.0
MySQL Query Browser Password Dump
MySQL Query Browser Password Dump v1.0
Soulseek Password Recovery
Soulseek Password Recovery v1.5