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NetCertScanner 2016 Edition
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Edge Password Manager v1.0

Facebook Password Decryptor v9.0

Password Sniffer Console v3.0

Password Sniffer Spy v5.0

Chrome Download Unblocker v3.0

WS_FTP Password Decryptor v3.0

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Facebook Password Decryptor v9.0

Wi-Fi Password Decryptor v5.0

Wi-Fi Password Key Generator v5.0

Google Password Decryptor v9.0

Chrome Password Decryptor v7.0

Browser Password Decryptor v8.5

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Chrome Download Unblocker v3.0

Spy BHO Remover v6.0

Spy DLL Remover v6.6

Advanced Windows Service Manager v5.5

Firefox Download Unblocker v2.0

Hidden File Finder v5.0

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Google Ad Blocker v6.0

Process Network Monitor v5.0

Wi-Fi Hotspot Scanner v4.5

Facebook Blocker v5.0

Wi-Fi Network Monitor v3.5

Network Share Monitor v3.6

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  • I have used 'SecurityXploded' tools for some time now and have found them to be an invaluable asset in many of our forensic investigations. With so many malicious code developers in the world, we are happy that these folks are...

    • James Cadden, East Lansdowne Police Dept. Delaware, PA. USA
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