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Yahoo Password Decryptor
Yahoo Password Decryptor v8.0
Wi-Fi Hotspot Scanner
Wi-Fi Hotspot Scanner v5.0
Google Password Decryptor
Google Password Decryptor v10.5
Twitter Password Decryptor
Twitter Password Decryptor v7.0
Gmail Password Dump
Gmail Password Dump v4.0
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Facebook Password Decryptor
Facebook Password Decryptor v10.0
Wi-Fi Password Decryptor
Wi-Fi Password Decryptor v5.5
Wi-Fi Password Key Generator
Wi-Fi Password Key Generator v5.5
Google Password Decryptor
Google Password Decryptor v10.5
Chrome Password Decryptor
Chrome Password Decryptor v8.0
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Chrome Download Unblocker
Chrome Download Unblocker v3.0
Firefox Download Unblocker
Firefox Download Unblocker v3.0
Spy BHO Remover
Spy BHO Remover v6.0
Spy DLL Remover
Spy DLL Remover v7.0
Advanced Windows Service Manager
Advanced Windows Service Manager v5.5
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Google Ad Blocker
Google Ad Blocker v6.0
Wi-Fi Network Monitor
Wi-Fi Network Monitor v4.0
Process Network Monitor
Process Network Monitor v5.0
Wi-Fi Hotspot Scanner
Wi-Fi Hotspot Scanner v5.0
Facebook Blocker
Facebook Blocker v6.0
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Hackers pop top secure wireless keyboard and mouse kits, gain RCE
  • Patch? Nah, well just remove secure from the tin: vendor Ruxcon  Wireless keyboard and mouse manufacturers including Microsoft, Fujitsu, and Logitech have been forced to fix borked encryption in peripherals that allow physical attackers to...
Moscow Confirms Ministry Website Attack After U.S. Hacker Claim
Is cancer in your DNA? - CNET
Microsoft warns of malware dressed up as Security Essentials
The most common malware, country by country
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  • I have used 'SecurityXploded' tools for some time now and have found them to be an invaluable asset in many of our forensic investigations. With so many malicious code developers in the world, we are happy that these folks are...

    • James Cadden, East Lansdowne Police Dept. Delaware, PA. USA
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