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SecurityXploded - Journey So far
It has been quite a phenomenal journey through hard rocks...yet we have just scratched the surface. Thank you for supporting us all the way !!!
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XenArmor is the global Information Security company headquartered in Bangalore, India offering specialized security products to solve the problems and threats faced by today’s computing industry worldwide.

SecurityXploded is the community division of XenArmor Pvt Ltd.

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Latest Software Releases
FTP Password Recovery v1.0
FTP Password Kracker v4.0
Password Sniffer Spy v6.0
Cisco Password Decryptor v4.0
Wi-Fi Password Remover v5.0
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New Software
FTP Password Recovery
FTP Password Recovery is a free command-line tool to find your lost or forgotten FTP password for any FTP server.
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Top Password Recovery Tools
Facebook Password Decryptor v10.0
Wi-Fi Password Decryptor v6.0
Wi-Fi Password Key Generator v6.0
Google Password Decryptor v10.5
Chrome Password Decryptor v8.5
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Top Anti-Spyware Tools
Chrome Download Unblocker v3.0
Firefox Download Unblocker v3.5
Spy BHO Remover v7.0
Spy DLL Remover v7.0
Advanced Windows Service Manager v6.0
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Top Windows Security Tools
Download Hash Verifier v6.0
Browser History Spy v4.6
Remote DLL v4.5
Hash Generator v5.5
Vista UAC Maker v4.0
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Awards from Top Download Sites
We are proud to have our security softwares featured and awarded by world’s leading software download sites. Here are some of them,
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Special Testimonial
I have used 'SecurityXploded' tools for some time now and have found them to be an invaluable asset in many of our forensic investigations. With so many malicious code developers in the world, we are happy that these folks are...

- James Cadden, East Lansdowne Police Dept. Delaware, PA. USA

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Top Security Research Articles

Password Secrets of Popular Windows Applications

Penetration Testing with Metasploit Framework

Reference Guide - Reversing & Malware Analysis Training

Exposing Wireless Password Secrets & Techniques

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Trending Security News
U.S. lawmaker: Sony breach may have inspired Russian election hacking
  • By Patricia Zengerle WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. failure to retaliate strongly for the 2014 cyber attack against Sony Pictures may have helped inspire Russian hackers who sought to interfere in the 2016 U.S. election, a senior congressional...
Scottish Football Association Hacked to Send Malware to Fans
  • The Scottish Football Association has just confirmed that “a third-party email database” was compromised by hackers, who managed to access subscriber emails and send spam that included malware.The emails were titled “Dear Customer” and...
WA Auditor General recommends inter-agency cooperation to counter malware
  • The states Office of the Auditor General has made six recommendations to prevent the threat of malware after investigating six West Australian government agencies.
Crims using anti-virus exclusion lists to send malware to where it can do most damage
  • When vendors tell you what to whitelist, crims are reading too Advanced malware writers are using anti-virus exclusion lists to better target victims, researchers say.…
Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube team to ID terror content
  • Hash-sharing pact will help them ID violent extremism you see it Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube have teamed up to share their expertise spotting terrorism-related content, in order to crimp its spread.…
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Our Security Trainings - division of SecurityXploded - is our online Infosec Trainings portal to educate and train you to be Security Professional on various topics such as network security, reverse engineering, malware analysis, password forensics etc.
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