7 Safe Apps for Writing
7 Safe Apps for Writing
Which safety features are relevant for writers and how do we recognize a piece of software that provides exactly what we need? Surely, content integrity is one of the most influential safety elements for any essay writer, including writer24, because nobody wants to see hours of work vanish into thin air. Operational autonomy is also an important safety element, meaning the word processor you choose doesn’t interact with third-party software in any way that might cause instability of your app or operating system. In this article, we’re going to inspect some of the safest writing apps and provide arguments that show just how safe each of these software solutions is for an average user.

This is a web-based writing app that allows you not only to create and format your content but also offers numerous proofreading and plagiarism features to enhance your writing. The fact that you don't have to install this app to use is a primary safety indicator because there’s no risk of accidentally downloading any malware. Furthermore, signing up for a free account allows you to store your content on Grammarly servers which means you can access your writing from any location, as long as you’re online.
IA Writer
Some writers find it difficult to focus on their work when the deadline is near and that lack of concentration doesn’t help expedite the writing process. What IA Writer brings to the table is a distraction-free user interface that enables you to focus entirely on your work. However, the lack of graphics doesn’t mean there aren’t any useful tools that you can use, on the contrary, this app allows you to format your text and access all of your projects via different devices and operating systems.
Hemingway App
Yet another browser-oriented writing and editing app that’s completely free for use but still offers premium features. If you’re working on a college essay and you’re trying to improve your writing style and get spelling and grammar suggestions, then Hemingway App is the perfect solution for your college assignment issues. This app lets you know which of the sentences are too difficult to read, or where you need to trim down a word or two. In case that Hemingway App doesn’t meet your college professor’s literary standards you can always try Edubirdie as one of the best college writing services that can help you with different types of assignments.
If you need a safe and effective tool for all sorts of written content that you also wish to publish directly to your WordPress website then Ulysses is the optimal solution for you. It’s a cross-platform feature-rich word processor that allows you to organize your files for future use, access content you saved on a different device, or set writing goals to keep track of your progress or segment a long-form content like a novel.
Scrivener is an amazing cross-platform word processor available for both iOS and Windows devices with numerous features that allow you seamless access via desktop and mobile platforms. This way, you can use your iPad to access files created on your PC, write down inspirational ideas gathered on topics mill. This app is most useful for long-form textual content due to many features that allow you to create notes, organize ideas for future topics, and manage extensive literary projects.
It doesn't get any simpler than this one, and yet, the lack of features and tools doesn't interfere with your creative process. Since there are no special features other than a basic paragraph and fond formatting Notepad represents one of the safest writing apps for Windows. Moreover, Notepad is compatible with several writing apps, making it easy to share your content with friends and coworkers that use different software or hardware than you.
Google Docs
A safe and effective way to develop any type of writing content with several features that let you format and arrange your textual documents as you see fit. Since the content is stored online, you can choose privacy and sharing settings so you could allow others to join in and collaborate on a project. The documents are safe under your Gmail account, which makes this app one of the safest writing software options.
These were some of the best writing apps on the market in terms of safety and usability. Most of these apps are free to use and many of them require no download or installation, which also contributes to the safety factor. All there’s left to do now is choose your favorite and start writing.
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