How Gamers Can Avoid Being Doxxed
How Gamers Can Avoid Being Doxxed
Doxxing is an online attack involving the discovery and reveal of the identity of an anonymous internet user, with the main purpose of allowing others to target them maliciously. Doxxing will usually take the form of analyzing information that has been posted online by the victim, in order to use it to identify and harass them. It comes from the saying ‘dropping dox’, which is a hacker revenge tactic involving dropping malicious information on a rival. These days, it is mostly used to punish or shame people who would prefer to stay anonymous due to non-mainstream activity or controversial beliefs.
Doxxing Methods
Whether you are mainly a console gamer or enjoy playing games at online casinos real money, understanding the different methods that attackers use to doxx their victims is important to help you prevent it from happening to you. If you don’t want your real identity to be revealed, then it’s important to be aware of the resourcefulness of cybercriminals and trolls, who sometimes only need one clue to follow before unraveling your online persona. Some of the main ways that they will do this is by analyzing the information that you post, intercepting your internet data, matching information with social media profiles, and analyzing file metadata. Also here is full list of the best canadian casinos.
How to Prevent Doxxing
If you want your gamer identity to stay anonymous, the good news is that there are several things that you can do. Strategies include:
Use a VPN
A VPN or virtual private network can be set up to work as a filter for internet traffic and protect your IP address. It will encrypt your data and make it so that even your internet service provider can’t figure your IP address out.
Don’t Login With Social Media
It can be seriously convenient to log into gaming websites or other sites using Facebook or Google. These methods register you or log you in using the email you used to create your Google or Facebook account. However, it also provides the website with information that is attached to these profiles.
Use a Burner Email
If you’re using gaming forums and other gaming websites, it’s a good idea to avoid using your personal email. Chances are that it includes your real name, which can be a security risk if you want to keep your identity private. Many websites and forums are not difficult for hackers to get into to discover and leak the emails, and some will even publicly display them on your profile.
Remove Your Personal Information From Google
Removing your personal information from Google can be tough but it is possible. Do a quick search of your name to see if your identity has been revealed on the gaming forums and websites that you use. Make sure that you take steps to secure your Google account, and send requests to remove any information about you that you do not want to appear in search results.

Doxxing can be a malicious attack that reveals the identity of people who want to stay anonymous online, putting them at risk of harassment. If you’d rather stay private, then keep these tips in mind.

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