How Student Can Easily Create Strong Password
How Student Can Easily Create Strong Password
Protecting an account with a strong password is no easy task. Coming up with a unique key and remembering it is difficult, and the considerable number of accounts makes this task truly non-trivial. Passwords are all around us: a pin code or a key to unlock a smartphone, passwords for Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks and services. All of these should be remembered and changed from time to time to minimize the risk of hacking and account theft.

Passwords are all around us: a pin code or a key to unlock a smartphone, passwords for Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks and services. All of these should be remembered and changed from time to time to minimize the risk of hacking and account theft. This is especially relevant for students to protect data about themselves, their essays and term papers. After all, non-unique work in schools and universities will not be accepted and in this case they will have to apply to write my essays online to get a quality paper in the shortest possible time.

We've prepared some useful tips to help you come up with complex passwords for each account and not forget them.

Why Passwords Must Be Unique And Complex
Personal information should be protected securely. It is not for nothing that among all the tips for protecting information one often hears that the password should be complex, and long, using various symbols, numbers, and letters of different registers. This advice seems logical and clear enough, but at the same time, it is most often neglected.

A simple password makes your account an easy target for scammers and hackers. They don't need to make any effort to break into an account "protected" by one of the passwords mentioned above - they don't even need third-party programs to do it, because such a password can simply be guessed.

Why Make Up A Unique Password For Each Account
Using one password for all online accounts is a very bad idea. The fact is that various sites are quite often attacked by hackers, who can gain access to a database of passwords and email addresses or logins. Then these databases are sold, or simply leaked online and it is very easy to gain access to an account by username, mail, and password.

It is not pleasant to realize that your only password to all services has become known to someone. And now it's only a matter of time before a hacker tries to enter it on other sites along with your email or login. And there - are bonus points in stores, delivery addresses, and other personal data.

How To Make Up A Complex Password And Remember It
As we mentioned before, making up a difficult password and memorizing it is not an easy task. This task should be approached systematically and take some time and attention, but remember, a strong and unique password is the security of your data!

A good option would be to use a formula for creating a password that helps make it easy to remember and varied enough to be difficult to crack.

The Formula For Creating A Password
  • Choose a simple word that is associated with the site or service for which you are coming up with the password. Preferably, the word should be easy to translate into English or transliterated and contain at least 5 characters. For example, let's take the word "security".
  • Now pick up a combination of numbers, would be enough 3-4 digits and it is better that they do not repeat or not go straight. As an option, it can be the date of birth of someone dear to you or a memorable combination of numbers.
  • Next, we need a few more characters that will go after the numbers. We take the name of the site where we register and extract the first or last three characters from it. For example, if you register your Facebook account: we get FAC or OOK.
  • Now we need a wildcard. Here you can choose any character you like. For example a €, $, or any other.
  • All the parts of our password are ready, now we just have to put them together. Here we use the following formula: Word + number + address + special character or special character + number + word + address. These are just some of the variants that you can combine to make it easier to remember.
  • Variants can be very different, you just need to remember the formula by which you generated the password and the principle of arrangement of capital letters in the words.
A Few Important Tips
Don't store passwords on your phone, tablet, or computer. This may seem obvious, but people often save their passwords. Don't do that! Documents, emails, notes, and messengers can get hacked.

Keep your password a secret. Even if you fully trust the person you reveal your password to, it's risky to give your password via text message or email. Even if you just say it out loud or write it down on a piece of paper, someone interested can eavesdrop and record behind you.

Using Special Programs
The above formula helps to generate a reliable key on your own and to remember it. However, this is not always convenient or even necessary. There are times when you may not need such a long and complicated password, you need to come up with a pin code, or you just want to automate this task and rely on your computer.

Important! Often users choose for the personal account on the site the password that they have already used before on other resources and the one that is easy for them to remember. Why is it wrong we have already written above? This way of protecting accounts is very easy to crack.

That's where password generators come in handy. There are plenty of such programs, in the form of free online generators, browser extensions, telephone applications, and paid specialized programs. You don't need to think up a password for each account and keep it in your head:

  • LastPass,
  • RoboForm,
  • KeePass,
  • Sticky Password,
  • OneSafe and many others.
The password generator will help you to create a really strong and unique combination for any type of account.

You can customize most services by adding special characters, numbers, and uppercase letters. You can also specify the degree of complexity of the password: simple, medium, and complex.

If you need to quickly come up with a password for your cabinet, the password generator will help you cope with this task in a few clicks. Another convenience is that most of these services are free. We hope you found our tips helpful.

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