Top Free Password Software for Your Apple Gadgets in 2023-2024
Top Free Password Software for Your Apple Gadgets in 2023-2024

The digital world we live in requires us to take care of many details. What sensitive information we share about ourselves online. The websites we decide to use to purchase goods or services. The blogs we read online. And more importantly, the passwords we set for each of our online accounts. As most websites and platforms require you to set up an account in order to use them, you need to set a password too. And many of these websites have specific requirements when it comes to setting a password. It has to be at least 8 characters long, to have both upper and lower cases, and to have numbers and special characters too.

In today's digital world, looking after your passwords is vital. It assists you in crafting robust and lengthy passwords that provide protection in case of a data breach, an unfortunate occurrence that's on the rise. This practice enhances the security of your online accounts and the confidential information you store there. It generates intricate and randomized passwords that pose a significant challenge to potential hackers. It also discourages the habit of reusing passwords, which heightens the risk of jeopardizing all your accounts. Most importantly, password management aids in keeping track of your strong and intricate passwords. These passwords can be conveniently accessed from your various Apple devices, so why not make use of free password software designed for this purpose? But with the multitude of options available, the question arises: which one is the ideal choice for you? Presented below is a compilation of top-notch free password software suitable for your Apple devices. Let's explore these options.


The first password management software that has a free version that can be used across all Apple devices is LastPass. It offers a free version that includes features such as password storage, password generation, and secure note storage. So, it goes beyond the simple password-generating feature. Recommended by BacklightBlog, which specializes in offering guidance to Apple users, LastPass is a password software you should definitely consider. The best thing about it is that it provides a password audit to identify your weak passwords. This way, you can increase the safety and security of all your online accounts. The interface is user-friendly and it can auto-fill passwords on websites and apps. The data stored in the app is securely kept as it has complex encryption.


Besides LastPass, there is a lot of other password software that works across Apple devices. And Bitwarden is one of them. The features it offers are similar to other password software. You can generate strong and complex passwords; you can safely store them.

On top of this, you can store notes too. It is an open-source password manager that works on multiple devices and supports browser extensions and mobile apps for Apple devices. Its interface is clean and straightforward. So, no matter if you are a beginner or advanced user, you will have no issues in using this software seamlessly. The fact that it is open-source makes Bitwarden transparent about its security practices and encryption models, making sure your data remains safe.


The next password software for your Apple gadgets is 1Password. It has both a free and paid version, but we will focus on the features available in the free version. The free plan it offers is limited. You can store passwords and other sensitive information securely. Even though the free plan lacks some of the premium features, you can be sure it provides a high level of security and organization for your passwords.

On top of this, it employs a strong level of encryption. And you also have the option of two-factor authentication which increases the level of security you have. The user interface integrates perfectly with all Apple devices and it is easy to use, so you can definitely consider 1Password as a reliable password software.


Dashlane is another password software you should add to your list. Most of these software products offer a free plan that has some of the same features. Password generation, password storage, and secure storage of other credentials.

The thing Dashlane has on top of the others is that it has an in-built VPN that increases your level of online security when using public Wi-Fi networks. The user-friendly interface is quite intuitive, so it will be a pleasure to use it. And just like other password software, the level of encryption is strong and you have the option of two-factor authentication.


If you are looking for password software that supports biometric login on Apple devices, you have found it. Keeper is the software you have been looking for. Its free plan includes password storage and secure file storage too. So, it goes a little bit beyond the classical note and password storage. The interface is well-designed and user-friendly, which makes it easy to manage all your passwords. And, of course, it offers two-factor authentication and a high level of encryption.

Myki Password Manager & Authenticator

Last but not least, here is a unique password software. What makes it unique? Well, it stores passwords locally, not in the cloud. Which is a really nice thing if you do not want your passwords stored online. On top of this, the free version includes password generation and secure storage. The mobile app is easy to use and it also has browser extensions for secure password management. Even though data is secured on your device, you still benefit from a strong level of encryption with this password software.

Final Thoughts

The digital world we live in calls for safe and secure use of the internet. As many websites and platforms require you to sign up for an account and set a strong password, you might need a little help with managing all this sensitive information. Password software would increase your level of safety and security online by helping you store all your passwords, generate strong and complex ones, and why not, perform password audits.

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