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Our Contributors |
Our Contributors

Here is the complete list of our Contributors who have not only showcased their skills using the SecurityXploded Platform but also helped the Security Community to grow to a greater heights.

 Core Contributors
 Abhinav Singh

Abhinav Singh aka "Darklord" is the founder of HackingAlert, a popular blog on hacking and network security. He has a keen interest in web application hacking and penetration testing. He works closely with some industry experts in his field. He has also found several flaws in top Indian websites and has provided relevant security tips to them. Many of his articles are published in several Technology magazines and web portals of India.

 Amit Malik

Amit Malik aka DouBle_Zer0 is a Independent Information Security Researcher. His main areas of interest are Programming, Reverse engineering, Exploit Development, Malware analysis. In free time he love to teach on various security topics.

His favorite quote is: "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power. - Abraham Lincoln"

 Ayush Anand

Ayush Anand is an Infosec enthusiast, who founded a website regarding Computer Security and Computer Forensics. He had also worked as a web developer for a Product Development Company.  After completing B.E. Computer Science, he has acquired certifications in Cyber Crime Investigation & Digital Evidence Analysis from ASCL, Pune and Cyber Forensics Professional & Information Technology Law from Data64, Pune


Broseidon is developer who is involved in various community oriented projects.  You can find all his work at his website mentioned below. Currently he is actively leading the development work for FireMasterLinux project, Linux port of the FireMaster tool.

 Daisy Meghan

Daisy Meghan is a professional writer and blogger who has written numerous articles on various subjects related to computer security.  For this purpose, she along with other like minded friends has created website mentioned below, which provides information on various types of network hacking techniques.

 Dinesh Shetty

Dinesh Shetty is an Information Security consultant working for one of the leading security organization in India. He is a "Certified Ethical Hacker" from EC Council. In the past, he has found vulnerabilities in leading Web and Mobile based financial applications and helped the organizations to fix them before they could be exploited.

Passion for research & quest for knowledge is what drives him and keeps him working late in the night till sun comes on.


Departure is a hobbyist programmer who likes reverse engineering and mainly involved in exposing the cryptography secrets. He periodically writes about interesting stuff related to Cryptography, Reverse Engineering and about general programming at his personal website mentioned below,


Dhanesh is a professional engineer by day and security nerd at night. He has deep passion for computer security and mainly involved in Reverse Engineering, Cryptography, Malware Analysis etc. He periodically publishes all his findings and other security related stuff at his website.

 Harsimran Walia

Harsimran, an IIT Delhi alumni, is a Independent Security Researcher and passionate about computer security with specialization is in the field of Offensive Security. He is author of various technical blogs and research papers.

He is one of our expert training delievering 'Reversing & Malware Analysis Course'


 Manjunath aka Punter

Manjunath (Aka Punter) is a IT Security Consultant who specializes in Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment and having Strong Skills in Network, Web Application, Web Services and Wireless Security Testing Passionate about OpenSource,Interest in LockPicking, RFID Security etc.


Javangelo is a founder of website which he has started recently.He had worked at MNC for around 5 years before going on his own journey.

Passion to learn something always keeps him on waves. Although graduated in Mechanical from leading engineering institute, he had always been in love with programming, which now has become his fulltime engagement........other than teasing his lil daughter ;)

 Nishant Das Patnaik

Nishant Das Patnaik is a IT security serial-entrepreneur and evangelist who specializes in penetration testing and cyber crime investigation. Nishant is actively involved advising law enforcement personnel, media, corporate and Government bodies in these fields.

Nishant Das Patnaik is the Founder-President of National Ethical Hackers Association, a member driven community to spread the security awareness. He is also the Co-Founder & Executive Director, Innovate7 Technologies. Nishant has been in the media during numerous occasions, most spectacular was when Nishant appeared on the front-page of Times of India, for discovering 38 Govt. Websites vulnerable to hacking.

 Prashant Uniyal

Prashant Uniyal a.k.a t3rm!n4t0r is student by day, hacker by night! He is working part time as security analyst and blogger with Secfence Technologies. His interest in information security include web application auditing & learning exploitation techniques. His main aim is to deliver his best services in information security and utilizing knowledge & skills for the well being of info-sec community.

He is also one of the first few and active moderator of SecurityXploded Forum.

 Preetam Kajal Rout

Preetam Kajal Rout is a Independent Information Security Researcher. His main areas of interest include Programming, Reverse Engineering and Penetration Testing. He has a certification of AFCEH v4.0, BUGTRACK 2.0 by Nishant Das Patnaik. 

He is also one of the first few and active moderator of SecurityXploded Forum.

 Rishabh Dangwal

Rishabh Dangwal is a 20 year old freelance security consultant and a technogeek cum blogger. His hobbies include fiddling with every piece of technology he can get his hands on,video-game programming, playing retro games on emulators, debugging them and organizing HALO LAN parties whenever he gets time.

 Satish Bommisetty

Satish Bommisetty is an Information Security Professional with 5 years of experience in Penetration testing of web applications and mobile applications. He shares his work on information security primarily mobile research stuff at his blog mentioned below.

 Shubham Dawra

Shubham Dawra a.k.a D3vil Hunt3rs is independent Software Security researcher. His main areas of intrests include programming, network security and vulnerability research.

 Silent Dream

Silent Dream is a young security researcher who takes keen interest in vulnerability research, exploit development and art of post-exploitation. In the past he has uncovered numerous vulnerabilities in Kaillera - a middleware which enables emulator play online. Recently he has been more active in writing metasploit password enumeration modules.