Chrome Password Dump : Free Command-line Tool to Recover Login Password from Google Chrome Browser
Chrome Password Dump
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Chrome Password Dump is the free command-line tool to quickly recover your lost web login passwords from Google Chrome browser.

It automatically detects the default Chrome profile for current user and recovers all the stored web login passwords.

Alternatively you can also specify the custom profile path in case your Chrome user profile is not in standard location. This is very useful in recovering the login passwords from other Chrome based browsers such as Chrome SXS/Canary, CoolNovo, Flock, Comodo Dragon etc.

By default it dumps all the recovered passwords to console. Now with version v2.0 onwards, you can also save the passwords to TEXT file.Command line interface makes it helpful for Penetration Testers & Forensic investigators.

For GUI version check out our tool - Chrome Password Decryptor

Chrome Password Dump works on wide range of platforms starting from Windows XP to new, Windows 10 version.

How to use?

Chrome Password Dump is very easy to use tool. It is command-line/console based tool, hence you have to launch it from the command prompt (cmd.exe).

Here is the simple usage information

   ChromePasswordDump.exe [-h] [-f <chrome_profile_path>] [-o <output_file_name>]
        -h     This help screen
        -f     Chrome Profile Path
        -o     Output filename               
Examples of Chrome Password Dump
//Dump Chrome Passwords from default/current user profile
//Dump Chrome Passwords to a Output file "c:\passlist.txt"
ChromePasswordDump.exe -o "c:\passlist.txt"
//Dump Chrome Passwords from the specified Profile path
ChromePasswordDump.exe -f "C:\Users\Admin\Google\Chrome\Test"
//Dump Chrome Passwords from specified Profile to Output file
ChromePasswordDump.exe -f "C:\Users\Admin\Google\Chrome\Test" -o "c:\passlist.txt"
//Show this help screen
ChromePasswordDump.exe -h
Here are the step by step instructions,
  • Launch command-prompt (cmd.exe) on your system.
  • In the cmd prompt move to directory where you have installed or copied Chrome Password Dump tool
  • Now launch the tool by just typing ChromePasswordDump.exe
  • It will automatically discover and display all the recovered passwords from default user profile of Chrome as shown below
  • You can also specify custom profile path using -f option as shown above
Make sure to increase the screen width of your command prompt to see the output properly.
'Chrome Password Dump' displaying all the recovered passwords from Google Chrome browser
GmailPasswordDump in Action
Release History
Version 6.0:  6th Sep 2018
Major release to support password recovery from latest version of Chrome.
Version 5.5:  7th Jul 2017
Mega 2017 edition supporting latest Chrome version with new Installer for local installation & un-installation
Version 5.0:  9th Nov 2016
Major 2016 edition with the support to recover passwords from latest Chrome version. Also now it displays Chrome Profile Login file.
Version 4.0:  8th Nov 2015
Mega release with support for recovering passwords from Google Chrome browser on new Windows 10 version.
Version 3.1:  25th Jul 2015
New feature added to Installer to dynamically download latest version
Version 3.0:  19th Apr 2015
Mega version with support for latest Chrome Browser v42.0 and improved display of username/passwords on console screen.
Version 2.5:  11th Dec 2014
Removed false positive with various Antivirus solutions. Also integrated Uninstaller into Add/Remove Programs.
Version 2.0:  5th Feb 2014
New feature to save the recovered Chrome password list to TEXT file
Version 1.0:  18th Nov 2013
First public release of Chrome Password Dump.
FREE Download Chrome Password Dump v6.0

License  : Freeware
Platform : Windows XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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