Minimum & Maximum Wagers in Slots: Is There a Difference?
Minimum & Maximum Wagers in Slots:
Is There a Difference?
One of the best opportunities in the modern world of gambling is slot games. Online slots especially, can be a real gold mine for lucky winners. A variety of different games provide opportunities to suit everyone – high-rollers, low-spenders and moderate players. Some slots provide moderate-to-frequent wins, while others hold out until a massive payout is underway.

A player can choose the size of their stake in slots. Normally, the minimum bet is £0.2 per spin and the maximum one is £50 per spin or above. But what is the difference between betting high or low? Is there any advantage to betting either high or low?

This article covers the differences in wagering in slots.

Wagers in General
Slots are games based on luck. The outcome of your spins is completely dependent on chance. That is thanks to a technology called the RNG.

The random-number-generator creates series of long, random numbers (often with 10 digits following the decimal). It does so very rapidly, quicker than any human can. The outcomes of your spins are based on these fast-changing numbers. The result that you see on the reels is decided at the exact moment when you hit “spin”.

The RNG cannot be manipulated or influenced in any way. Therefore, even if you change the size of your bet, you are still playing against the RNG. It is all in the name – RANDOM number generator. Low or high stakes, the game is completely random.

High Wagers
Despite the unconditional randomness of the game, let’s look at the logical side of things.

A higher wager means you are betting more money per a single payline. Therefore, any win that lands will pay out more. What is more, some games that have progressive jackpots will have a higher chance of landing the jackpot on higher wagers. If this is the case, that will be explained in the information bit of the slot.

  • Higher wager = higher individual wins.
  • A higher wager means a higher chance to land the jackpot in some games.
  • A higher bet results in more profitable bonus rounds. For example, free spins of higher value will yield bigger wins.
Low Wagers
High wagers in slots are very promising, but low wagers come with some benefits too.

By betting low, you are betting less money on individual paylines, therefore your wins will pay out less. On the other hand, a lower wager will result in less risk. In many jackpot games, you still have a chance to win the jackpot even on the lowest of wagers. Just ask Jonathan Heywood, who wagered 25p on the Mega Moolah slot in 2015 and won a jackpot worth over £13 million!

  • Lower wager = lower individual wins.
  • By betting lower you will stay in the game for longer.
While betting low or high does not improve your chances to win significantly, there are some advantages to both low bets and high bets. Most importantly, a player should choose their bet in line with their bankroll. There is no point in betting maximum amounts to finish the game in a few spins – the chance to land any wins is way too slim to risk your funds in their entirety. A common standard for the bet size sits around 1% of the player’s bankroll. This way you will get plenty of gameplay and optimal chances.

We wish you the best of luck in your slot adventures!

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