Online Meebo Password Decoder
Online Meebo Password Decoder
Here is a simple & easy to use Online Password decoder for Meebo Messenger. Meebo is the most popular online messenger service which comes with thin desktop client called 'Meebo Notifier' which allows users to keep track of their Messenger notifications.

This Online Meebo Password Decoder helps you to instantly recover your lost/forgotten login password stored by Meebo Notifier.

To use, simply copy the encoded password from your Meebo password file 'MeeboAccounts.txt' (follow the instructions) and paste it in the below text box to get the original password.
Enter your Encoded Meebo Password:

Tested with Meebo Notifier beta version.
How to find Meebo Password?
Here are simple instructions on how to find your saved Messenger accounts passwords by Meebo Notifier.
  • 'Meebo Notifier'  stores the login messenger account passwords in the 'MeeboAccounts.txt' file at below mentioned location depending on your platform.
[Windows XP]
C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Meebo\MeeboAccounts.txt

[Windows Vista & Windows 7]
  • Once you find the 'MeeboAccounts.txt' file, open it in Notepad.You will see all your Meebo login settings including encoded passwords as shown in the sample below.
"enabled" : 1,
"encoding" : 1,
"invisible" : 0,
"password" : "34C148067526",
"protocol" : 0,
"username" : "securityxploded"
  • Now copy the encoded password within double quotes after  'password' string (for example, here it is 34C148067526) and paste it in above text box.
  • Next click on 'Decode Password' button to get your original account password stored by Meebo Notifier.
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