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Secure Password Generator is is a free desktop based tool to quickly generate strong & secure password.

With a growing incidents of web server hacking and database compromises, these days there is a greater need to use strong password. This will prevent your password from being decrypted if your password hash falls into the wrong hands.

Secure Password Generator helps you to create strong password using one or more of the following character sets

  • Uppercase Letters (A-Z)
  • Lowercase Letters (a-z)
  • Numbers (0-9)
  • Special Symbols ($,#, ?, *, & etc)

It is very easy to use with a nice GUI interface. You can generate password of length ranging from 5 to 500 characters.

Also being a offline tool makes it easy to use anytime anywhere without internet connectivity.

It is fully portable tool and includes Installer also. It works on both 32 bit & 64 bit platforms starting from Windows XP to new Windows 10 version.

Installation & Un-installation
SecurePasswordGenerator comes with Installer so that you can install it locally on your system for regular usage. This installer has intuitive wizard which guides you through series of steps in completion of installation.
At any point of time, you can uninstall the product using the Uninstaller located at following location (by default)
[Windows 32 bit]
C:\Program Files\SecurityXploded\SecurePasswordGenerator

[Windows 64 bit]
C:\Program Files (x86)\SecurityXploded\SecurePasswordGenerator
How to Use?

'Secure Password Generator' is very easy to use tool with its cool GUI interface.

Here are simple usage instructions,

  • Launch 'Secure Password Generator' on your system
  • Select one or more 'Character Set'
  • Enter the desired Password Length between 5 to 500.
  • Next click on 'Generate Password' and new random password is generated as shown in the screenshot below.
  • New password is automatically copied to the clipboard. Also you can manually copy this password and use it wherever you want.
Here is the screenshot of 'Secure Password Generator' generating new secure password
SecurePasswordGenerator Screenshot
Version 3.0 :  31st Aug 2015
Mega release with support for generating passwords on new Windows 10 operating system. Enhanced Installer for dynamically downloading of latest version.
Version 2.5 :  28th Apr 2014
Autmatically copy the generated secure password to clipboard
Version 2.0 :  31st Aug 2013
Now supports generation of Password of length upto 500 characters
Version 1.5 :  8th May 2013
Copy Password button to quickly copy the Generated Password. Minor UI Improvements.
Version 1.0 :  11th Mar 2013
First public release of SecurePasswordGenerator
FREE Download Secure Password Generator v3.0

License  : Freeware
Platform : Windows XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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