Tips To Keep Your Computer Away From Virus And Malware Threats
Tips To Keep Your Computer Away From Virus And Malware Threats
The advent of technology and increased availability of internet connection has created a new world of convenience for everyone. But alongside, hackers and fraudsters have found new avenues for shamming internet users as well.

Many often receive calls from someone claiming to be working in a software company. They are told that their computer is sending error signals, and chances are there’s a virus in the system. However, the only way out for the computer owner is to pay a fee and, in turn, the company will install an antivirus for fixing the problem. In reality, right after getting access to the computer, the conman behind the phone injects the computer with the actual virus. And, sharing credit card details with unknown persons has its downsides, you already realize.

Hence, let’s not wait to apply the underwritten straightforward measures to effectively safeguard your computer from these outside shamming intentions and virus and malware attacks.

Check the Firewall
Firewall checking may sound a bit thorny, but in reality, it isn’t. If a Window system powers your computer, open the control panel and search by “Firewall”. If your firewall protection is active and connected, there’s no reason to worry about it. Mac users can navigate to the “system preferences” by clicking on the Apple icon located in the toolbar. From system preference, go to security and click on the firewall option.

As long as your system contains an active firewall setting, it will aid you in keeping the criminals out of your system. Sharing folders through only a home network is a wise choice, and if you are unwilling to make the files visible to other systems, deactivate the file and media sharing.

Data Needs Backup
Having a backup of your data means they are safe in occurrences like electrical surges, outrage, or system crashes. It’s also helpful in case you become entrapped by novel ransomware types that can lock your data. The backup process can be done manually by shifting important documents to hard drives, or some service providers are also present you can choose. Many are also using cloud technology to backing up their essential record since most providers offer their users a limited space for free.

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Don’t Provide Sensitive Information
Regardless of the website you have entered into, take caution before providing your sensitive information. Although most people have already accustomed to the measure restricting them from sharing credit card information or security number with a site unless it’s trustworthy, the same caution needs to be taken for your social media accounts as well.

Don’t share any information on social media sites, which you have used to answer security questions to other sites to stop your identity from theft.

Breezing through Some Other Applicable Measures
Adhering to the mentioned in the above section is necessary. Besides, you should also stay away from unprotected sites and restrict yourself from falling prey because of too good to be fair deals. At the same time, it’s also recommended not to open an email sent from unknown sources. Please don’t ignore these measures to enjoy the advantages of the Internet.
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