Where do People Play Land Based Bingo in the UK?
Where do People Play Land Based Bingo in the UK?
Nowadays many people choose online casinos like Joker Jewels over land-based ones. The same comes to bingo. Online Bingo Sites Accessible While on Gamstop allow players to play from the comfort of their own homes and save them the hassle of traveling to the venue. Moreover, online websites offer many bonuses and offers that help players win more. Some players, however, still prefer playing bingo in traditional bingo halls. Keep reading to find out where people in the UK play land-based bingo.
Bingo hall chains in the UK
Even though there are less and less traditional bingo venues there are still a few popular brands that operate in many cities in the UK. The main land-based bingo hall chains are:
1. Gala Bingo
  • Gala Bingo is the largest chain of bingo clubs in the UK.
  • Gala bingo was founded in 1991.
  • In total, it established 174 clubs in the UK. 140 of them are still open.
  • It offers free registration process. Once you sign up in your local club you can use other venues in the country as well.
  • The clubs offer only 90-ball games.
  • Gala Bingo also has an online bingo platform where you can enjoy many different bingo games, jackpots and high prizes.
2. Mecca Bingo
  • Mecca Bingo was founded in 1961.
  • It opened 95 clubs, 86 of them are still running.
  • It established an online platform that is linked to land-based venues. For example, if you register at one of the Mecca bingo clubs, you will get a bonus when you sign up to the online website. Moreover, if you win any online bingo games, you can collect the payout from the land-based club near you.
  • At Mecca clubs players can enjoy multiple offers like free jackpot tickets or set price on books.
3. Castle Bingo
  • Castle Bingo chain is much smaller than Gala and Mecca.
  • It was established in 1856, and it opened 11 land-based bingo halls in the UK. All of them are still functioning.
  • If you want to register to a Castle Bingo club, you can do it for free.
  • Castle bingo clubs use an innovative technology called the eCUB. It’s an electronic pad that you can use to buy bingo tickets and play the game. Thanks to this device you can purchase multiple tickets during one game, which can increase your chances of getting a payout.
4. Beacon Bingo
  • Beacon Bingo is one of the smallest bingo chains in the UK.
  • It was founded in 1963 and over the years it opened 9 land-based clubs. 6 of them still operate.
  • Players playing at Beacon bingo halls can enjoy hot and cold drinks that are served throughout the games in all their clubs.
  • In 2000 Beacon Bingo opened an online website called Beaky bingo. The theme of the website was inspired by the site’s mascot Beaky the Parrot. Unfortunately, the online platform is now closed.
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