Top Tips for Ensuring Office Security
Top Tips for Ensuring Office Security
Keeping your business's premises secure, whether you work on a single floor or own a whole property, needs to take precedent over anything else. The safety of yourself and your staff should come before everything, and only after you have properly secured your building should people be attending the office to work.

Not only is this important for the protection of your staff but offices also usually house a wide range of valuable items. This includes computers, legal documents, and cash. If there is ever an issue with your office's security, it could become a severe financial hindrance for your business.

Here are some top tips on how you can best secure your business.

Use a Monitored Alarm System
A working and efficient alarm should be one of the first things that you consider installing in your office. It is a huge deterrent to thieves and can be very useful if a break-in ever is to occur. This is because they are usually responsible for the transmission of emergency signals via different mobile phone connections, landlines, and internet connections, which will be dispatched to local law enforcement, meaning police will be sent to the scene of the break-in immediately.
Install CCTV
In the same vein, having CCTV on your premises can be hugely beneficial, both as a deterrent or for capturing evidence if a break-in ever occurs. It is important that when setting up CCTV in your office that you know exactly where to put it to ensure it is at the most effective angle possible and the lighting is sufficient to capture clear quality images.
Have Working Facilities
Strong lighting is vital when it comes to office security. As stated above, if you will be relying on CCTV to deter or catch criminals potentially, lighting needs to be working around the clock.

Similarly, other facilities such as WIFI, mobile networks, water, and heating need to be up to scratch. This can be for a variety of reasons. For instance, if your monitored alarm is using the internet to send dispatch signals to the police, then that internet needs to be working. Also, if there is a larger security threat and you need to lock yourself in the building, sufficient access to water and heating will be crucial for your employees.

You should consider your current utility provider and make sure you are getting the best possible facilities for the cost you are paying. Consider sites like Utility Bidder, which will ensure you are getting the best possible gas and electricity prices.

Keep Important Items Locked Away
This can include a variety of different items such as documents, cash, and laptops. By keeping these locked away, you ensure their safety even if a break-in is to happen. If the people breaking in have tools that can break locks, the delay you are causing by locking these items up will be the deciding factor between the police arriving on time and the thief getting away with your goods.
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