Drive Magic : Free Command-line Tool to Hide or Unhide Drives on Windows
Drive Magic
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Drive Magic is the command-line based tool to quickly Hide and Protect your Drives from other users on Windows.

Windows has built-in feature which allows you to Hide selected Drives from showing up in 'My Computer', File Explorer or File Open/Save Dialog boxes. This way you can hide your protected files from other users on the system as they don't see the hidden drives. However you will be able to access the contents of hidden drive through command prompt or by typing the path directly in the Explorer.

This way it is an ideal solution for administrators and parents to safeguard sensitive files from their children.

Our 'Drive Magic' tool makes it easy for you to quickly hide/unhide any Drive.

You can also use it to list all (both hidden & visible ones) drives on any system. For each drive, it displays following information,

  • Drive Path
  • Volume Name
  • Type (Local, Network, CD, USB etc)
  • File System (FAT32, NTFS etc)
  • Hidden Status

Being command-line tool makes it easy to use in your automation scripts and also suitable to operate on other systems remotely.

Drive Magic is fully portable and works on both 32-bit & 64-bit platforms starting from Windwos XP to Windows 8.

How to use?
Drive Magic is very easy to use tool. It is command-line/console based tool, hence you have to launch it from the command prompt (cmd.exe).

Here is the simple usage information
DriveMagic.exe [-? | -L | -H <drive_name> | -U <drive_name>]
Examples of Drive Magic
//List all (hidden & visible) Drives
DriveMagic.exe -L
//Hide Drive 'D:\' from all users
DriveMagic.exe -H D:\
//Unhide Drive 'D:\' from all users
DriveMagic.exe -U D:\
//Show this help screen
DriveMagic.exe -?
Screenshot of 'Drive Magic' hiding drive 'D:\' on windows 8.
DriveMagic in Action
Screenshot of 'My Computer' after hiding Drive 'D:\'
DriveMagic in Action
Release History
Version 1.0:  24th Mar 2014
First public release of Drive Magic.
FREE Download Drive Magic v1.0

License  : Freeware
Platform : Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

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